Lola Oliver: Administrative Manager

Randy Yim:  Journeyman Electrician

Ron Hooson:  Senior Electrician and RME

Our niche is residential homes. 
This is our specialty. Specialization allows for exceptional work.  To be exceptionally good at something, you need to specialize and that is what we do.

about us

Richard Farawell: Project Manager

  •  Manages PV Tech Electrician and Installation crews
  •  Insures quality control for every installation
  • 30 yrs experience in construction industry with 14 years experience managing installation and construction projects

Chalsey Kealoha: Crew Leader​​ 

Sid Villaflor:  Company Founder

  • 11 years experience in PV design and sales
  • MA degree in Comparative East-West Philosophy
  • Vision developer

It starts with a free in-house visit with an experienced PV Tech Designer whose job is to address your questions or concerns. We aim to help you be clear about the technology of PV and with how PV works.

Our people make a big difference. We don’t only offer excellent value. We offer a customer oriented service because your satisfaction is our number one priority.

PV Tech is a Hawaii-based solar integrator. We focus on residential installations. Our licensed electricians and installers are in-house and not sub-contracted to assure the highest quality work.  We get the job done right, with over 50 years of combined solar industry experience.

Our process revolves around the customer. It’s educational and simple.

our team

PV Tech was formed by three guys: Mike, Rich and Sid.  We started the company after being in the solar industry for 5 years.  Our team now has over 50 years of combined industry experience.  The key to our success is being able to work synchronously together with the focus on "savings, service and simplicity".

Once the homeowner is clear about how PV works, we will custom design a PV system specifically for your home based on your past history of average electricity use and also on your projected future usage.


The process is made simple for you because we lay out all the steps of the way toward the completion of the installation. We agree from the start what can be expected from us and the job does not end until the process is completed.

We treat each job like it is the model for all other jobs that we will do. That is why our motto is: “Every job is the model for future jobs.”

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What makes us different from the many solar contractors in hawaii?